Oasis Games Ltd. announced today that it’s reality game Animal Force is now available to purchase on PS VR.

Animal Force is a tower defense adventure that attracts creatures and extraterrestrials for a big party.  Players must save the Earth from those aliens by commanding a group of animals with superpowers. Through the use of a rocket, then you can pick up new creatures to put into the air and fight against the invading enemies.

Multiplayer is also a featured game mode in Animal Force plus it features three different manners: Steal the Statue, Odd One Out, and Split & Conga. With a single player working with the PlayStation VR, the others will use standard DualShock 4 controllers to attempt to creep past the player who’s utilizing the headset.

Oasis Games Ltd. has also introduced a launching trailer now for Animal Force, which you may find at the bottom of the report.   Animal Force will be accessible a now around the PlayStation Store and can retail for $15.99.

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