PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Hibernian Workshop as well as The Arcade Crew published a new story based trailer for their methodical 2D action game Dark Devotion now. The video showcases the game’s unsettling universe, an overly pious one which tries to protect people’s dedication by make them endure and sacrifice.

The animated trailer doesn’t exhibit any gameplay, rather opting to showcase several moments the religious group in charge would penalize those who deemed weren’t devoted enough hadn’t sacrificed enough. Ultimately, this trailer results in the sacred temple in which the game takes place. The programmers also confirmed that several folks are going to be in the temple throughout the player’s travel, and will show more about the game’s world to this player.

I’d at opportunity to try Dark Devotion this year in the Indie MIX event during E3, and it was a highly atmospheric, yet enjoyable game to play. The game includes the systematic character and dark dull aesthetic of titles like Dark Souls or Castlevania, nevertheless puts its own twist on things with all the religious topics, special weapons, and the curse and blessing system.

You may take a look at the game’s latest story trailer below. Dark Devotion is presently in development for PC and unspecified consoles.

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