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Epic Games teased its third and last picture for Season 5 of Fortnite plus it claims that worlds will float beginning tomorrow.

The past few days have seen a few strange and mysterious images released. The very first of those pics kicked off Monday with a strange cat-like looking mask appearing next to the words “Season 5”. Epic followed up with this by releasing another similar image yesterday that rather showcased an axe.

This “worlds float ” announcement, however, seems to possibly have something to do with all the real-life promotional materials such as Fortnite that some fans have started seeing in the actual world. Some many objects such as Loot Llamas have emerged on street corners while some others have found the Durr Burger mascot sitting in the desert. With this in mind, it looks like Season 5 could have something to do with the Fortnite world and our planet merging into a single, but ’s only a complete guess on my part.

Whatever this spin is that Epic is placing on Fortnite Season 5, then we ought to finally find out about it on precisely exactly the identical time on July 12.  Fortnite, if you somehow weren’t already aware, can be found on just about any platform on earth — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and also iOS.

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