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When No Man’s Sky was initially published a few years ago, many fans were left understandably frustrated and fast stop playing this game. Now, the game is now making it’s method to Xbox One, and a few enthusiasts have been coming back to give the game a second opportunity. Hi Games and Xbox have opted to speak directly to these players, as today the programmer released a brand new trailer that does precisely that.

The trailer goes over a number of distinct features which were added to the game since launching, including new trading systems, quick travel portals, vehicles, and more. You , just like always, have a look at the brand new trailer at the conclusion of the report.

The launch of the Xbox One variant of this game will coincide of using the NEXT upgrade , which, among other things, will add full multiplayer support.

If you want to pre-order the game via Amazon, you can perform so by clicking here. The game is also available on both PlayStation 4 and PC and has been because 2016.

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