And Let’s Move, Eevee!  Were shown at May, one of the biggest selling points to longtime fans of this series was the possibility of returning to the first area of Kanto.

Now, Nintendo has launched a new trailer for Pokemon: Let’s Go which highlights lots of the new elements of this game whilst at the same time showcasing this world that is familiar. From the capacity to ride particular Pokemon around Kanto, to being able to do wacky things such as changing the curls of your Pokemon, Permit ’s Go, Pikachu!  And Let’s Move: Eevee!  Appear to be providing players more freedom than any Pokemon game before.

Additionally, this brand new trailer shows off many recognizable faces which fans might be familiar with including Professor Oak, Brock, and Misty. We also get a peek at our newest competition in the game that, much like in the first Red and Blue models, is your next door neighbor in Pallet Town.

This brand new video for Pokemon Let’s Move, Pikachu! Eevee, And Permit ’ s Go!  Can be located below should you’d love to check it out for yourself. Both Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! Eevee, And Permit ’ s Go!  Are advised to launch later this Fall on November 16, exclusively for Switch.

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