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Originally released in 2016, the open-world action-adventure game Mafia III gained praise for the action-packed narrative that also addressed some hard-hitting topics of racism and social inequality in the united states during the 1960s, while the game’s creative team shown that it had a far more shocking opening to kick the game in your mind.

In a report by EurogamerMafia III game manager Haden Blackman and executive producer Andrew Wilson gave some more insight to the evolution of the game, also particularly addressed that its programmer, Hanger 13, had originally intended for the game to really have a far darker opening series.

Talking at the Develop Seminar in Brighton, Wilson clarified that the studio had originally intended to get the game to incorporate a cold-open series that would clarify why the game’so protagonist, Lincoln Clay, had abandoned the country to head to warfare in Vietnam, together with the opening series finally showing that Clay had murdered a police officer in response to his buddies being “ambushed from the mob,” leading him to “resort to violence to escape. ”

While the team had planned to include the arrangement for a way of revealing the awful backstory of Lincoln’therefore character, the game’therefore director, Haden Blackman, finally addressed the sequence ended up feeling “tacked on” than the rest of the game, particularly in the limited instances where Lincoln and another characters dealt with the conditions. Finally, Blackman explained that the arrangement felt “exploitative” and was cut from the game before launch, with the group even going as far as removing files and instances of the order from the developer’s servers, as it “could have looked terrible” seeing the sequence out of context from the rest of the game and “even more shocking. ”

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