The game will hit the Japanese shelves on July 26th, exclusively for PS4.

If you’re wondering what the game is about, you can think of it as Freestyle shot Battlefield using Gundams (along with a good deal fewer players). Rather than having tanks and planes, you can leap to many mobile suits from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.

We get to see customization modes, and a great deal of robots that are amazing. What’s not to love?

Personally, this is certainly my groove, however, Bandai Namco has said no word regarding a potential western launch, therefore we’re still waiting and trusting here.

If you wish to find out what the game offers, the publisher released a brand new trailer which offers a great overview of gameplay and characteristics.

You may take a look below.  If you wish to view more, you could also enjoy an earlier trailer along with an extensive gameplay movie .

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