PC, PS4, Switch

Coming in the Australian studio The Voxel Agents, the upcoming puzzle title The Gardens Between Seems to be delivering a unique and Stunning take on twisting and turning time thanks to its visuals and Artwork Fashion, Together Using the game to deliver Its Own

Developer The Voxel Agents has announced that the studio’s forthcoming puzzler The Gardens Between will also be heading into Nintendo Switch later this year along with its previously-announced release on PS4, PC, and Mac.

Along with this game’s announcement for Switch, the studio also introduced a new trailer highlighting the game Nintendo’s program, which ought to add a fantastic immersive signature between having the ability to solve its own puzzles at on-the-go or home while undergoing its interesting worlds.

For the ones that might not be familiar with the game, The Gardens Between follows a pair of youthful buddies termed Arina and Frendt as they embark on a series of adventures across different island gardens that every conceal enchanting and hard secrets inside them.

The Gardens Between is expected to release in Q3 2018 such as PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. For more on the game, you can have a look at our current hands-on trailer of this name from PAX East 2018.

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