PC, PS4, Xbox One

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr introduced early last month and has been seriously well-received by us at DualShockers as we awarded the game an 8.5/10 in our review.

As far as Vampyr’s performance at retail moves, Dontnod Entertainment recently demonstrated how the game has done in its first month after launch. Vampyr has sold over 450,000 copies in its first month in the marketplace based on Dontnod. These earnings are totaled together by the three platforms that Vampyr is available on — PS4, Xbox One, also PC.

Throughout the broken roles of Google Translate, Oskar Guilbert, CEO of Dontnod, talked about how pleased he is with these amounts out of the gate. “We all are extremely proud, since its launching, our past original creation meets a excellent trend among players.  As a result of our new function as co-producer, we will greatly benefit from this commercial success,” Guilbert’s announcement roughly translated to.

While these sales might not appear to be a lot compared to other significant releases, but it’s relatively good start for Vampyr at marketplace considering the size of Dontnod Entertainment. It’s crucial to bear in mind that this is merely the studio’s third game that they have released following the episodic narrative-driven encounter Life is Unusual and 2013’s Understand Me. Internally, Dontnod is watching this game as exactly what they refer to as a “double-A” title, and therefore aren’t expecting it to perform the bigger amounts which you might find from triple-A games.

As mentioned, Vampyr is now out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  If you would like to continue raising the sales amounts for Vampyr, you can head over to Amazon right now and get a copy for yourself.

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