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Today Koei Tecmo teased the theme song for its upcoming Musou game Warriors Orochi 4. 

The tune will probably be “Kakumei no Masquerade Warriors Orochi Version” (Revolutionary Masquerade) and it’ll be performed by singer and voice actress Suzuko Mimori (depicted below).

Mimori-san will also play in the game as the voice of the brand new playable personality Athena.

Since you might have guessed from the title of this song, it’s not an original piece made for the game, however it’s an adapted version of a tune that will be included from Mimori-san’s new album Tone.  Publishing in Japan this month.

Suzuko Mimori is a well-known Tokyo-based voice actress that worked mostly in anime, such as characters as Hisui E. Fiore in Fairy Tail, Umi Sonoda at Love Live! , Amelia Evans in Freezing, along with Nanami Momozono at Kamisama Kiss. She has also done work on games such as Rin from the Senran Kagura series and Hiyoko Saionji in Danganronpa two: Goodbye Despair.

Koei Tecmo promised to launch a trailer containing the theme song down the road, but they did not specify when.

Recently, we heard that Warriors Orochi 4 will start for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and also Nintendo Switch October 16th in North America and 19th in Europe. If you would like to listen to further, you may enjoy our trailer and interview from E3 2018.

The game can currently be pre-ordered around Amazon.

Warriors Orochi 4's Theme Song Will be Performed by Athena's Voice Actress

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