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Today Epic Games Launched a Brand New video about the Hugely popular Battle Royale mode of Fortnite.

The movie, starring Design Lead Eric Williamson, explains a number of the adjustments made using the launch of Update 5.0, or Season 5, but you want to call it.

We enter the modifications made to shotguns, which have been tweaked to be more constant in their distribute and not as overpowered when taking several of these. The balance between SMGs and attack rifle has also been adjusted.

The storm circle behaviour has also been altered in order to better push the players around when matches get very long.

Season 5’s innovative outfits will be based on expertise and can be completed past the season , providing players more opportunities to unlock them.

Last, but surely not least, we get a sneak peek in the sound team in the office … with golf carts.

It is possible to check out the video below. You may also read the full patch notes, also take a look at newer movies .

No, it doesn’t operate on toasters… yet.

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