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With Battlefield V getting a launch on October 19 it is a surprise which Dice have declared they’ll deliver 4K service to Battlefield 1. However, this update has been much wanted by Xbox One X owners and enthusiasts of the franchise calling out to this to occur so they can experience all the explosions, battle and grit in complete 4K resolution.

Star Wars Battlefront II reaches native 4K resolution at the upper end of its dynamic resolution so, here is expecting that Battlefield 1 will follow suit. A dynamic scaling alternative will most likely be used to Guarantee 4K and 30 FPS or even upscaled 4K and 60 FPS, but we all should know more later now going on the Info from the Battlefield V twitter page:

“Join us out of #Twitch on Jul 31 for an exclusive livestream where we’ll talk about all the new game improvements in the #Battlefield 1 Summer Update such as 4K support for Xbox One X and more”

Naturally, with updates, there will be a while to disrupt playtime.

“As a part of the launch of Summer Update to #Battlefield 1 occurring today, we’ve proposed downtime across all platforms while we upgrade game servers.

Battlefield 1 received many expansions in the past months, in which several have been made accessible for free for a limited period , like the Turning Tides upgrade was playable free of charge, and all those that downloaded it got to keep the DLC. If you’d love to see what else that the update could contain, you are able to tune into the Battlefield 1 Summer Update reside flow now about the official Battlefield Twitch station .

Battlefield 1 premiered a couple of years ago and can be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. You can get the game on Amazon from clicking .

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