PC, PS4, Xbox One

Electronic music artist Solomun has introduced a video for his new monitor Customer is King takes which takes place within Grand Theft Auto V’s concrete playground, Los Santos.

The movie, which is part of a current continuing collaboration between Solomun along with Rockstar Games, starts with some shots of the Los Santos’ grimy outskirts before continuing towards the town itself. Within the opening moments, the movie sets the tone for Grand Theft Auto as fights break out on porches and balconies. From this personality bearing similarity to the musician starts a race against time during the crime-riddled streets making quite a few seemingly illegal deliveries.

Solomun also seems in Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest update After Hours as one of the guest DJs in Gay Tony’s new luxury nightclub. The game featured a number of musicians such as The Black Madonna,  Dixon, and also Story of Us.

After Hours is now available as an add-on while the PlayStation 4 edition will be free to choose for a test drive over August 6 with no PS Plus subscription necessary.

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