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On August 2, Weappy Studio and Also THQ Nordic will release their adventure-strategy game This is the Police 2 on Both PC, Mac, and Linux. DualShockers obtained the game first for review, and capture the first hour of This is the Police 2, which introduces significant characters such as Lilly Reed and Warren Nash and puts up the glum tone for the rest of the game.

This is the Police 2 starts with the sheriff of Sharpwood, a little and chilly Fargo-esque town, investigating a gang in one of those name ’s XCOM motivated strategy game sections. This causes Lilly Reed, a young officer, to eventually become Sharpwood’s Sheriff, though she’s running into issues handling the force because of their sexism and incompetency.

While investigating a situation, an older guy Warren Nash is attracted into the station. He turns out the be Jack Boyd, on the run from the feds following the events of their first This is the Police. He finally strikes a deal with Lilly that will help her handle and operate Sharpwood’s Police Department stability (though sometimes scummy), and this is where the game starts to hit its stride during its very first hour.

You may take a look at the first hour This is the Police 2 below. If you want to view DualShockers’ ideas on the game before you choose to pick this up for PC, Mac, or Linux to August 2, it is possible to read our review.

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