PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Now Koei Tecmo released two new trailers of the upcoming Musou game Warriors Orochi 4. 

This time around, we expect to observe the two Olympians which have already been shown in action. In particular, the first trailer concentrates on Zeus, and the moment on his daughter, Athena.

Both definitely seem to have the ability to hold their own against hordes of enemies, but this really being a Musou game, I doubt that may surprise anybody.

Athena was first revealed at the start of July, and she’s the second new character introduced for the game after Zeus himself. Her voice actress Suzuko Mimori will carry out the theme song of this game, which people haven’t heard yet.

You can check out the trailers below, and should you want to see more, it is also possible to enjoy some recent gameplay from Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong.

Recently, we learned that Warriors Orochi 4 will launch for PC, PS4, Xbox One, along with Nintendo Switch on October 16th at North America and 19th in Europe. If you want to learn more, you can enjoy our trailer  and meeting from E3 2018.

The game can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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