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Don’t have the Time or Money to pick up South Park: The Fractured But Whole‘s Newest DLC, Bring the Crunch, but still Desire to catch up with the Most Recent musings of Trey Parker and Matt Stone? DualShockers’ got you covered. As part of our review of Bring the Crunchwe recorded all the DLC’s stories in 1080p, 60fps along with our PS4 Pro. Though there’s no substitution for enjoying the game and obtaining the abilities of the Last Girl, there is almost a complete incident ’s worth of footage together using South Park‘s touch comedy.

Clocking in at only 16 minutes, the Bring the Crunch DLC focuses on the New Kid, Timmy, Jimmy, Butters, and Bradley Biggle (better Called Mint-Berry Crunch). Without going too much into spoilers, funky things have been occurring at the disability camp at Lake Tardicaca and it is up to the super-hero staff to fix the camp counselor disappearances. The journey takes a few twists and ends with fan-favorites, therefore it is worth the watch.

Besides the story, we have a kick out of Bring the Crunch. Reviewing it on the PS4 Pro¸ we noticed that the DLC was easily the strongest title of an already outstanding DLC pack. While it may (sometimes ) be a bit puzzle concentrated, we super-cut outside all of the puzzle-solving and frustrations we ran into so that you may just reach the comedy gold.

If you’d rather not be spoiled about the experience and prefer to play the expansion, South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s Bring the Crunch DLC is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, along with Xbox One. You can grab the DLC as a standalone purchase for $11.99, or pick up the Complete Season Pass — together with the equally Terrific From Dawn until Casa Bonita DLC — on Amazon.

Meanwhile, check out all of the cutscenes to Bring the Crunch, below:

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