Now Nintendo introduced a brand-new preview of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, focusing on the expansion pass for the successful JRPG from Monolith.

Particularly, the trailer concentrates on Torna — The Golden Country, which will provide a good research the past of the narrative, and it’ll be released with no additional cost required for Expansion Pass owners around September 14th.

In addition to this, it’ll also come in physical shape on September 21st exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly, Torna — The Golden Country may even comprise Shulk and Fiora from the first Xenoblade Chronicles to get Wii in the Kind of infrequent blades.

You can take a look below. If you want to see more, you may enjoy the announcement trailer along with the first amazing gameplay in E3 2018.

Just this morning we also learned that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 passed 1.42 million shipments.

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