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The galaxy od Chinese game creation remains quite obscure and difficult to navigate to westerners. Beyond the jobs posed with much fanfare as part of Sony’s China Hero Project, there are far more which are worth having a peek at.

The local branch of Sony Interactive Entertainment shared on its Weibo page a couple more trailers of all PS4 games which were introduced at Chinajoy, which is great in the fact that it supplies us with a pub on several games that we’d otherwise overlook.

The first game you’ll find below is Dancing Beauty from Shanghai-based developer Newcome Entertainment. It’s a love and idol simulation coming from China at 2018 that concentrates on following the career of a young idol, from dance to relationship. This one can be performed with PlayStation VR and without, simply with your PS4.

The second is A.D. 2047 bu Chengdu-based developer Recano. It’s a VR “Interactive movie” for PlayStation VR and also coming to Oculus Rift along with HTC Vive. To be specific, it’s a cyberpunk mystery investigation game which sees the player engaged in tracking down a serial killer in a futuristic city.

The game isn’t just coming into PS4, some time ago we heard that it’s coming on Steam and Switch in late 2018 too, and a demo is currently on Valve’s platform. It’s an adventure puzzle game where the hero should brave the enemies inside his fantasies to rescue his sister.

You can check out all of the trailers below, remembering that western launch info for those games featured here is still scarce.

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