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It’s ’s been the following fast-paced year around the eSports circuit filled with upsets and turnarounds, but the principal event on every fighting game pro ’s calendar will be that the Evolution Championship Series. The yearly event held in Las Vegas saw rivals from all over battling gather to become the finest in the world in their respective games. This season ’s event saw a enormous number of entrants using Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition headlining the weekend and Dragon Ball FighterZ proving are the most popular name with over 2,500 entrants.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Regardless of what your own favourite fighting game happens to be, there’s no denying that Street Fighter is, and always has been, Evo’s heavy hitter. The latest rendition of the iconic franchise observed returning champion Tokido, who maintained the top spot at last year’s event, carrying on Britain’s Problem-X at the grand finals last night.

Takido is well known for his strong and constant Akuma; keeping pressure on his opponents and forcing them into unwanted circumstances. This seemed to be the game program once more as he started the grand finals against Problem-X’s M. Bison having a flurry of hadoken. The aggression paid off as Takido took a 3-2 lead, letting him reset the brackets and putting both players on equal footing for its final set.

The first set was an wonderful display of back and forth with neither player offering an inch. Each movement was calculated and precise, revealing the amount of experience that these guys have with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. On the other hand, the second group watched Problem-X take the fight to Takido. His M. Bison seemed to be on stage with every frame, claiming an enormous 3-0 success while losing a single round throughout.

Problem-X had dominated in all his games throughout the weekend, so switching between Street fighter II’s boss character M. Bison and Closing Fight’s Abigail. The runaway success over Japan’s Takido means that Problem-X is the very first British player to win a Street Fighter V championship at Evo.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Best 8 results:

  • 1. Problem-X
  • 2. Fudoh BJKE.RB Caba
  • 7.

    Of course no Street Fighter outing at Evo are complete without a show and this year we have been treated to not one; but two. The final characters in Arcade Edition’s Season 3 both saw gameplay trailers permitting fans to see what they can anticipate from novice veteran and G Sagat when they are available later today.

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is accessible today on PlayStation 4 and PC.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    The eSports circuit’s famous furry, SonicFox, battled his way through the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players on earth around the winners’ side this weekend to secure a place in the grand marching against Go1.

    The 3-on-3 nature of Dragon Ball FighterZ supposed this group could be a very long endurance test for the two players. However, Japan’s Go1 chose an aggressive position against his American opponent in the first phases of the game, scoring a tough and quick 3-0 success and directing the game to a bracket reset. However, prior to the last set began SonicFox known to the placement of a lesser-seen ruling regarding the players’ seating positions. Following a number of judges surfaced, it was brought to a coin toss that resulted in both players switching since SonicFox took over as player 1 and also Go1 took the player two side.

    Adhering to the short interlude, SonicFox’s fortune appeared to change because he gained control of this place using his team of Bardock, Zamasu Fused, also Android 18 against Go1’s mix of Mobile, Bardock, along with Vegetta Super Saiyan. The extended battle raged on with SonicFox flipping the previous result and walking off with a 3-0 success to become crowed Evo 2018’s Dragon Ball FighterZ Champion.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 8 effects:

    • 1. FOX CAG CAG moke
    • 5. W2W YOSHIMOTO

      Dragon Ball FighterZ is available today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will also be arriving on Switch later this year using an open beta being available after this week.

      Tekken 7

      It appears that once again Tekken 7’s trophy remains safely at the hands of the Republic of Korea.

      While 2017 watched an all Korean final in the form of Saint’s Jack 7 taking on JDCR’s Draganov, this year the state holds business with a long and grueling collection between LowHigh’s Shaheen and qudans’ Devil Jin.

      Qudans battled his way into the grand finals having beaten USA’s Lil Mijan from the losers bracket. From here, he also began an all-purpose attack on LowHigh’so called Shaheen, forcing him into the corner and dominating with an aggressive 3-1 triumph to reset the bracket. However, it was not enough. After the reset, LowHigh’s Shaheen began to show his traditional form once more, stopping Devil Jin’s advances at every turn.

      With a speedy turnaround tactics which took Shaheen in the steady and patient form that we had seen before in the match-up to a more competitive stance swiftly led LowHigh into a 3-0 victory on his opponent to claim the title of Evo’s Tekken 7 Champion 2018.

      Tekken 7 Top 8 results:


    • 2. JDCR
    • 5. Alpha Red| Book
    • 5. Fursan| Rangchu
    • 7. chirichiri
    • 8. COOAS| NOROMA

    Together with the best in the world competing in the case, Bandai Namco Entertainment also announced that Tekken 7 would soon be observing another period of new characters. This time fan favorites Anna Williams and Lei Wulong will be returning to the fold Together with The Walking Dead’s Negan. Although characters out of a comic book series and TV show might seem a bit odd, ” he ’didnt match right in your home with a few of Season 1’s usual guest fighters which comprised Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis.

    Tekken 7 is accessible now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    Of course, Evo is home to a whole wealth of fighting game tournaments, not only those who were popular enough to headline the event. Injustice two watched Tweedy carrying out SonicFox in the losers’ finals, only to be defeated by Rewind in the grand finals. The ever-popular Super Smash Bros.. Series had two games existing once more until Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate arrives later this year. The legendary Super Smash Bros.. Melee watched Fox player Leffen choose the top spot while Lima conquer CaptainZack in a Bayonetta mirror game for the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U title.

    Arc System Works’ gorgeous Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 saw OMITO beating his way by Machabo and Rion to develop into this season ’s winner, although the equally attractive BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle title was shot by heiho who entered the best 8 in the losers’ bracket.

    The top 8 effects forInjustice two , Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros.. Melee, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator two along with Blazblue Cross Tag Battle could be seen below.

    Super Smash Bros.. Melee Top 8 effects:

    • 1. TSM| Leffen
    • 2. [A] Armada
    • 3. PG| Plup
    • 4. Liquid| Hungrybox
    • 5. Wizzrobe
    • 5. C9| Mang0
    • 7. OG| Swedish Pleasure
    • 7. Tempo| S2J

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Top 8 effects:

    • 1. Lima
    • 2. CaptainZack
    • 3. DNG| Nientono
    • 4. EMG| Mistake
    • 5. W2W| Mr E
    • 5. PG| MVD
    • 7. CND| Raito

    Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator two Top results:

    • 1. OMITO
    • 2. SURUGAYA| MAchabo
    • 3. WN| LostSoul
    • 4. NAGE
    • 5. YOSHIMOTO| Zadi
    • 5. Rion
    • 7. Fumo
    • 7. Mikado| Teresa

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Top 8 effects:

    • 1. heiho
    • 2. PAG| Fame96
    • 4. kojiKog
    • 5. CAG| Fenritti
    • 5. GGP.HORI| Kazunoko
    • 7. GOUDA
    • 7. Dettywhiterock

    Injustice Two Top 8 results:

    • 1. Noble| Rewind
    • 2. Noble| Tweedy
    • 3. FOX| Sonic Fox
    • 4. Significant D
    • 5. PG| Hayatei
    • 5. Noble| Semiij
    • 7. Strategy | SylverRye
    • 7. bc| Biohazard

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