PC, Xbox One

The game initially launched via Steam Early accessibility in February 2017.

Tyler: Model 005 had been on Kickstarter, however this was subsequently suspended due to shifting their crowdfunding efforts to IndieGoGo along with their flexible financing program where they could nevertheless meet any perks listed even without full funding, that Reversed Interactive thought was a better choice for the long term.

Below is an overview of Tyler: Model 005 by Maximum Games via the press release.

Many years after being shut , Tyler is powered up throughout the height of a thunderstorm. You set off with Tyler to find out why your creator is missing and what’s happened to your residence, which is now littered with robot-sized rats, cockroaches, and spiders, Tyler has been confronted with a multitude of challenges and puzzles as he gets his way through a web of mysteries.

With light because of his power source, Tyler must avoid becoming engulfed in darkness or he risks losing power . It is up to you to get Tyler!

Dozens of different enemies will stand in the way of your goal. Fortunately, you’re equipped with an assortment of weapons, out of your trusty bolt-blade to boxing gloves, cherry bombs and much more. Put on a enormous assortment of varied outfits, from gothic helmets to pixelated glasses, and collect objects that will update your skill tree and assist you on your trip.

You can see the new statement trailer for Tyler: Model 005 from Maximum Games below and some screenshots

Tyler: Model 005 will arrive digitally to Xbox One and Steam August 21, 2018

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