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Early this morning, Treyarch formally shut down the servers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s multiplayer beta, although it did remain up for around 30 minutes more than expected, it left many enthusiasts unhappy. Needless to say it’s not all doom and gloom though because the beta is coming back this weekend and also the programmer has confirmed that it’ll bring with it much more content.

The developer confirmed the information by Reddit late last night, stating that the map Hacienda, that was revealed in the beta preview but was absent all weekend, so may eventually be producing it’s way to the game when the beta goes live on Friday. In addition to this, a brand new mode will also be additional, but no details were given, together with Treyarch mentioning that “was kept under tight wraps. ”

Finally, there’ll likewise be a new degree cap and brand fresh dual XP occasions, however, it’s worth noting that none of all this progress you make from the beta is likely to make its way to the complete game (not that that should really come as a surprise).

If you want to check out my impressions of the beta when compared to initial display occasion, you can do so by visiting this link .

If you would like to pre-order the game so as to secure yourself a code to the beta, then you can do this on Amazon simply by visiting this link .

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