Forget the Toy-Con keyboard— you YouTuber discovered a means to make music together with all the Nintendo Switch without the use of any custom accessories.

Armed with only a Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer and a Nintendo Switch console, YouTuber Reagan Burke managed to create an entire tune with noises out of the Nintendo Switch’s operating system. Sampling the noises from the Switch with the OP-1, Reagan carefully manipulates the different Switch endings and produces a cheery, humorous song.

The Switch easily lends itself to a project of the size as its operating system includes a series of melodic beeps and boops ripe for sampling. From the click of this Joy-Cons being set into place into the very small melody played when clicking on the Settings button, then it was just a matter of time until someone creative such as Reagan utilized the Switch’s magical tones to make a fresh composition.

This isn’t the first time a YouTuber utilized the OP-1 to sample sounds out of a Nintendo Switch console.

You can check out Reagan’s article below. Should you’re interested in the sampling procedure, you should begin watching from the start of the video. Conversely, if you’re only interested in listening to this final item, you can jump ahead of this seven and a half minute mark.

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