Before this summer at E3, Sony declared this season ’s release of God of War would shortly be getting a New Game+ option to allow players to play through the game once again with all of their equipment and updates complete.  Now, we know just when this upgrade will probably be rolling out and its own sooner than you might think.

Sony revealed now that New Game+ will eventually be making its way to God of War on August 20. This may, of course, be a free update for your game and will probably be accessible for those who have finished the story from God of War. As for what else will be included in this upgrade, Santa Monica Studios stated that there’ll be new gear, tools, harder enemies using “trick up their sleeves”, along with the capacity to now skip through cinematics — but seriously though, who would do so?

On a front door, I now ’ve been thinking about replaying God of War a lot lately and this New Game+ option might finally get me to leap in. I’ve already been down to experience the great story that Sony Santa Monica crafted around again, but with all enemy variations and brand new items coming into play, this might eventually push me over the edge.

If you haven’t played with God of War on your own, then you probably should as we gave it our best score possible in our inspection at DualShockers. Then again, there’s probably a fantastic opportunity you’ve played it because God of War is the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive of all-time.

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