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As one of the final jobs to come from the brief, however, impactful, run of programmer Clover Studio (the predecessor into a team that could become PlatinumGames), a game such as Okami certainly was a good note to finish on.

While the game finally never became a huge commercial success, Okami‘s magnificent visuals and unique gameplay mechanics gave it several fans in the decades since its first release, with many seeing it to become an musky masterpiece of its own creation. After its initial launch on PS2, subsequent ports of this game on Wii and PS3 gave this game a better chance at a second life. A sequel for the Nintendo DS, Okamiden, lasted the series’ story in 2010, however small signs of life showed afterward that we could expect Okami to continue beyond that to a racy franchise of any type, for better or worse.

That changed, however, when Capcom introduced the 2006 classic with the launch of Okami HD on PS4, Xbox One, also PC, that allowed a whole new generation to go through the name with some noteworthy visual improvements along with 4K support. Despite the fact that it comes twelve years after its first launch, this re-release lasted to demonstrate that Okami is still a name that has aged remarkably well as a result of its distinctive art and gameplay, and the HD launch earned one of our very rare “10.0” scores once we reviewed it .

That of course now brings us to the latest launch of Okami HD at the form of its own Nintendo Switch version, which includes roughly eight months after PS4, Xbox One, also PC owners first were able to encounter (or re-experience) the game onto a new generation of platforms. While the Switch version is more or less the same interface that console and PC owners watched December, Okami HD does signify the first mobile iteration of the Capcom classic, also integrates some special capacities from the Switch hardware which may allow it to be an enticing option in lieu of the console and PC versions.

Okami HD Shines Just as Brilliantly as Ever on Nintendo Switch

Before getting into some of the Switch-specific features of Okami HD, in case you aren’t familiarized with the game whatsoever, let’s start with the basics.  Okami occurs in a world rooted in Western history and folklore, as players take control of the ancient Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu, who looks in the game’s world as a white warrior bearing the mark of her mythical existence. After spending some time in dormancy, Amaterasu is awakened when the early being of darkness known as Orochi re-emerges, and her quest then starts to defeat Orochi and reclaim the land by his disperse of darkness, and with the support of a few allies on the way.

While Okami fittingly contrasts the legends and history of Western folklore into a compelling narrative, the real highlight of this game stems out of its stunning visuals which draw from the style of sumi-e, or Japanese ink wash painting. Although the game is now more than twelve years old, Okami HD preserves everything which made the game so spectacular from when I remember playing it, along with the Switch version (whether playing handheld or in TV style ) doesn’t shirts with crisp blacks and daring colours.

Although it lacks a number of these higher-end visual enhancements that players on PS4 Guru, Xbox One X, or even PC can use (mostly the service of 4K resolution), the Switch variant of Okami HD is undoubtedly lacking from a visual perspective, because of the game’s impressive art management which has withstood the test of time.

Okami HD Shines Just as Brilliantly as Ever on Nintendo Switch

Additionally, Okami still stands out as one of the best executions of all Zelda-style gameplay by a non-Nintendo studio, and Okami HD has preserved its mix of puzzle-solving and combat flawlessly.  On the other hand, the something which I’ll warn people moving into the game to the very first point is that Okami is a small slow burn, particularly in its first few hours.

While it finally picks up with increased varieties of quests, boss fights, and more to experience, Okami HD‘so coming hours may make it somewhat hard to get into in the beginning, along with the fact that the game employs a rescue point system to mark progress, which by today’s standards may feel somewhat antiquated. This may keep you tied to the game for just a bit so as to track down another time it’s possible to save, but also the experience of playing it on the Switch in handheld mode does help make the lengthy game a little more digestible.

Okami HD Shines Just as Brilliantly as Ever on Nintendo Switch

Although the game’s pacing may demand a bit more patience out of players, Okami HD‘therefore integration with this Switch’s unique hardware capabilities more than makes up for this. Namely, the Switch’s touchscreen may be used to harness the power of this Celestial Brush, which players can use during their travel to interact with the environment, solve puzzles, and also sew special powers in battle by drawing a variety of shapes and lines on the monitor.

While people playing Okami HD handheld will reap the most benefits of utilizing the Switch’s touchscreen to utilize the Celestial Brush, people playing in either tabletop or TV style may also utilize movement controls to direct the Celestial Brush for their liking when employing the system’s paired Joy-Con controls. Though the movement controls lack the exact identical all-natural sense as using the Switch’s touchscreen to guide the Celestial Brush, the fact that Okami HD about the Switch provides these alternative strategies to use one of its key gameplay features certainly adds to the adventure, though players may just as easily use a Guru Controller or the Joy-Con Grip to perform as well.

Okami HD

As the “swan song” to get a beloved studio, Okami HD is a nod to the way that Clover Studio’s Zelda-like name has withstood the test of time. Because of its gorgeous visuals and exceptional Celestial Brush mechanics, Okami HD is certainly the perfect way to encounter a number of the most unique and visually distinctive games lately, whether you’re using it for the first time or coming back into it ten years later.

The Nintendo Switch version of Okami HD may lack the fancier visual bells and whistles of this console or PC versions, but by comparison it profits lots of benefits from utilizing the system’s more unique hardware capacities and by providing players the option to play the game on-the-go for the very first time. Though I ended up playing with the game on Switch compared to the previous manners I’ve played it, but you wind up enjoying Okami HD is well worth the experience. Much like the Western folk stories and legends it draws from, hopefully Okami will be a tale retold for quite a while to come.

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