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The Overwatch League season wrapped up just a few weeks ago at this point and it appears to be a great deal of people tuned in to watch the London Spitfire walk off since champs.

In new viewership data released today, it was declared that the Overwatch League drawn in more than 10.8 million audiences from all over the world across the 2 days and two games that the Grand Finals lasted. In contrast, that this viewership surpassed the Overwatch League’s opening week which lasted for a span of four days with twelve complete matches. I believe it’s easy to state that viewership caught on as the year progressed.

The Overwatch League will next return in Los Angeles in the end of the month from August 25 through August 26 for All-Star Weekend.

As for the next year, it is already announced that the Overwatch League will be adding new groups with franchises located out of Atlanta and Guangzhou. Expect more news on additional groups joining the group from several cities over the duration of this offseason.

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