Cygames has established the previously announced Love Live! Sunshine!!  Crossover occasion in its popular cellular game Granblue Fantasy.

The event attracts the favorite protagonists of the school idol anime to the dream world of Granblue Fantasy, also it’s really one of the wealthiest events that the game has seen in a while.

By completing one chapter of this event narrative you’ll receive the arcade ’s second-year women (Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, along with You Watanabe) bundled into a single SSR personality. By dropping treasures in case ’s quests and raids you’ll also be able to unlock two SSRs, the first girls (Ruby Kurosawa, Hanamaru Kunikida, along with Yoshiko Tsushima), as well as the third-year girls (Dia Kurosawa, Kanan Matsuura, along with Mari Ohara). This means that the event gives players an opportunity to make a whopping three SSR personalities without so much as bothering the gacha.

You’ll also receive a opportunity to vote that among them will get the fifth uncap, and I’ll allow you to guess who I voted for. Let’s view if you know me.

As standard for Granblue Fantasy’s insane (at least to get a cellular game) generation values, the event will come with its own artwork, a completely voice-acted narrative, and music.

It will run till August 21st.

More crossover events will also be coming.

While the game is technically available only in Japan for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers, it is really localized in English and functioning worldwide. It’s possible to read how to set it and perform in hour handy manual .

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