Now Entergram declared that the visual publication Hanasaki Work Spring!

To be more precise, the game will launch in the shelves of the sunlight on November 22nd, 2018. This follows the original 18+ release on PC from 2015 and the all-ages port for PS Vita at 2017. Of course the PS4 variant is going to be a port of this latter.

It will definitely cost 5,980 yen plus taxes in an actual retail edition, 4,980 yen in digital version, and 7,980 yen plus taxes for its limited edition that may incorporate a B2-sized tapestry.

The story is all about the usual fully normal high school student who gets invited into the “ghost club” within his high school and gets the chief all of a sudden. Obviously, the team is filled with cute girls. The game features cutesy artwork by Kanao Hontani.

Should you’re wondering, then there’s absolutely no western launch declared for today. The game was never localized in its prior stages, and now we ’ll have to wait and determine whether the PS4 release will tempt any writer to launch this at the west. My money will be about “no,” but that I ’m not a gambling man.

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