PS4, Switch, Xbox One

The favorite retailer GameStop just started a brand-new deal in the USA (excluding California), and apparentlythey really want you to trade in the old console to get a brand new Xbox One X.

The offer promises around $300 depending on what device you trade in. The most valuable is a PS4 Pro, that will net you $300 in exchange value. The ugly duckling appears to be the first boxy Xbox One, which will offer you just $200 in exchange worth.

Those are some fairly pleasant savings if you’re keen to associate with your console, particularly if you’re going up out of a less powerful Xbox One or Xbox One S.

If you’re curious, can get an eligible store here. You overlook ’t should hurry too much since the deal will be available until August 28th, therefore there are just short of three months left.

If You Want to Buy an Xbox One X, GameStop Offers Up to 0 for Your PS4 Pro, PS4, Switch, or Xbox One

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