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When Hello Neighbor was initially revealed many years ago, I was genuinely excited for its quasi-horror/puzzle game. Unfortunately, that delight quickly ran out once I discovered that the game was only coming to PC and Xbox One (at the time), since my PC could ’t handle running several games, and now I just didn’t possess a Xbox One.

That changed when the programmer announced it would be coming into Switch and PS4two consoles I actually have; I was honestly counting on the down the days until I received my code for the game. When I started playing Hello Neighbor, nevertheless, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment and annoyance.

For the ones that don’t know, Hello Neighbor is a first-person terror game which places you into the shoes of a small boy (at least for two-thirds of the game) who witnesses his own neighbor bending something–or somebody –in their basement in a very suspicious way. Your objective is to try and get down in order to find out what he’therefore concealing. Naturally, players might need to complete puzzles and avoid detection from the Neighbor by hiding or running so as to get in and out of the house safely.

Hello Neighbor Review -- A Nail-Biting But Aggravating Experience

As always, let’s begin with the positives: Hello Neighbor does a great job at building suspenseful, moment-to-moment gameplay. You’ll never truly know when the Neighbor is going to probably be right outside the door you’re going to go into. Should you happen to be captured, you do have a split-second to get away (generally ) but you’ll have to either lose him speed or hide in a dress before he leaves you alone. There were lots of instances where I was not really certain if I lost himwhen I had been hiding, which may allow for a few nail-biting moments. While there are a few different areas of the game which I enjoyed, like the exact forgiving checkpoint system, beyond the game’s tense moments Hello Neighbor is basically a massive disappointment.

Aside from the controller layout situated in the preferences and a tiny tip-like screen on the pause menu, then the game basically tells you nothing about what you’re supposed to perform.

However, the game literally just drops you into the globe and doesn’t tell you what your objectives are or how to complete each action. Because of this, I had been stuck drifting around the planet for hours, only to slowly but surely complete the amount through conclusion. There’s no reward in taking your own time, and as a result of thatit’s not enjoyable to play.

Like the topic of difficulty, I try and stay away from criticizing a game’s artwork style, but I just can’t do that here. While the personality model for the Neighbor himself looks great, everything doesn’t. From the few instances that the game shows exactly the character you play as, it looks so cartoony to the point I can’t take it seriously in the slightest. While I like a good, animated art style in any other case, Hello Neighbor just seems lazy and odd.

Hello Neighbor Review -- A Nail-Biting But Aggravating Experience

Past the horrible art style, the game has more bugs than a weeklong camping trip in the woods. I am able to remember many cases when the neighbor would either freeze or get trapped on an item in the game universe, which would allow me to literally walk right alongside him so long as I didn’t confront the front of the entire body.

In another instance, I was retrieving a key and when I moved into the doorway, my hands tore through it, and I inadvertently pressed the incorrect button which resulted in the key to drop out of my hand. Clipping is ordinary in games, and I won’t really complain about that; however, what isn’t ordinary is the simple fact that the secret went entirely to another side of the door. Since I couldn’t access the door without the key, I had to restart that entire segment, which caused one of my very first instances of rage quitting ever while reviewing a game.

At $29.99there’s zero chance I can recommend it to anyone, unless of course, you like games which tell you nothing about what to do.

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