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NBA superstar (in case you’kindly call him ) Paul George surfaced a brand fresh set of his trademark Nike PG 2.5’s earlier this season throughout the E3 Fortnite Pro-Am championship that lovers have since known as his Fortnite shoes. Though there’s no immediate alliance between Epic and Nike on those sneakers — unlike the PG PlayStation branded Nike’therefore — that the name has stuck and these Racer Blue’s have become synonymous with the world’s most popular game.

Anyhow, those blue Nike’s are now releasing following week August 15 and will retail for $110. While I understand some of the gamers and sneakerheads out there might be looking to go catch these following week, I’d suggest you don’t disturb. I’d instead wear garbage bags around my feet, personally.

Paul George is kind of like this meme of Timmy Turner’s daddy from The Fairly OddParents pointing to an empty pedestal stating, “When I had one! ” except at Paul George’s case he’s referring to hitting game-winning shot. This ’s right, even though he might have gone in Game 1, then “Playoff P” was almost nowhere to be seen the rest of the series also got manhandled by rookie Donovan Mitchell.

Let’s also not forget that PG, one of the purported greatest players in the group, has been traded from the Indiana Pacers for a player that’s now enormously superior than him in Victor Oladipo. I really don ’t understand you, but that I will ’t wait for the coming NBA season to kick off so that we can once again watch Paul George get thrashed in the first round of the playoffs. Should be plenty of fun!

Anyhow, you can buy those Fortnite shoes week if you’d enjoy but I’d suggest you go right on and wait for Victor Oladipo to get his very own line of sneakers rather than This ’ll be some money better spent.

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