After receiving an upgrade back in July, Playdius is back with a different upgrade to get Edge of Eternity, the kickstarted tribute to JRPGs.

The first topic from the enormous update was around the Derelict Temples.  Some battles will be held inside some strange ruins. Therefore the Nexus Grid will become much more important in comparison to your typical combat encounters because these ruins will likely be full of dangers. Each region will have various challenges you will have to solve in order to advance or to obtain a reward.

The area of Edge of Eternity had been exposed to a lot of technological achievements. Before the Archelites arrived, the Sanctorium was flourishing with new technologies. The inhabitants of Sanctorium discovered how to create tools which would have the ability to cut magical crystals.

To use magic and wonders, spellcasters would require crystals to channel their powers. The issue though was that natural crystals have been too large or too thick for individuals to practice and carry their magical. Finding tiny crystals that were small enough to carry around was a rare event. Until they discovered how to divide and morph them.

When those tools were created, Heryon went through a technological boom. Magic and sorcery began to thrive. Researchers started to experiment with the newfound magical gear. The researchers found they may socket weapons using the crystals to give them magical powers.

However there was a second incredible technological leap. Even the Archelites, their own new mechanical engineering was made. At first, the Archelites were peaceful. They introduced the culture of Heryon with technological presents.

After the war between the Heryon and the Archelites began, civilians became cautious of a number of the new technology they relied upon. The culture began to ditch it suspected it of dispersing the origin of the horrible blight which has been plaguing Heryon: the Corrosion. Yet, the technological progress had gained too much momentum and not enough people were willing to give up things that they’d grown accustomed to.

Ahead of the rejection of Archelites’so technology, experiments were conducted Heryon to combine the Archelite technologies and Heryon’s crystals.

At length, the upgrade covered some fresh details on Edge of Eternity’s gameplay and rules for weapon customization. 

A weapon slot dictates the incentive wielders will get if they inset it with a crystal. The weapon could be stat enhanced with many distinct kinds of custom effects that can help determine the weapons associated skill.

A crystal decides the different kinds of spells or abilities which you can unlock if you set it to a weapon slotmachine, in addition to some stat bonuses.

There are plenty of distinct choices within this program but it’s built so that you will be able to customize and experiment as much as you would like.

Be sure to take a look at some previous updates to get Edge of Eternity as well as some more screenshots.

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