Even the Nintendo Switch has come to be a comfortable home for many different indie games and later seeing much success on several other platforms, Playism has announced that Kero Blaster will be releasing on August 23rd for the Nintendo Switch.

Kero Blaster is a side-scrolling activity Cartoon game against Studio Pixel, the founders behind the hip-hop Cave Story.  Since we have seen within the Switch’s lifespan, indie games have been selling very well on the stage . It Looks like a no-brainer to port Kero Blaster over to the system.

The name is now available for pre-order around the North American Nintendo eShop and will be accessible to pre-order the European Nintendo eShop on August 16th.

While Kero Blaster doesn’t launch on Nintendo Switch till August 23rd for $9.99, it’s available to buy right now for PC, PS4, along with iOS. You can watch the most recent trailer for the game from the movie under or test out DualShockers’ overview of this PS4 variant .

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