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Lately, a Kickstarter campaign began for Garden Paws.  Made by Burnt Toast Games Inc, it is a relaxing roleplaying game where you have to make the look of your character along with also the simulation of your choice whether it’s farming, investigating , or fishing. From their latest update, Garden Paws increased over 10 percent of their C$20,000 goal through its first 24 hours.

At the game, you’ve inherited your grandparents’ farm and shop as they travel across the world, and you also work with Frank in the neighborhood building shop to complete the last touches and find the store running.

Taking a leaf from Animal Crossing’s publication, you collect resources and coins to commission new buildings. You can investigate islands, mountains, and hills to your own heart ’s articles. There is even the chance to explore dungeons and to fight off an evil necromancer who has been raising the deceased, or you can just spend your time fishing and farming.

The game may also be played in single player or multiplayer mode with up to three other friends.

You can watch a trailer to your Kickstarter campaign below and take a look at some screenshots also.  The Kickstarter effort for Garden Paws will end on September 9th, s head on over to its webpage should you’d love to learn more and contribute, and the game will probably be accessible in Steam Early Access in December of the year, and it should be accessible for Switch next calendar year.

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