Players lately got another featurette to get Fear the Wolves on Twitter, which one focuses on how the weather in the game is going to have an immediate impact on players. The game’s most recent closed beta is currently live and will end tomorrow.

While default weather will not have an effect on gameplay or graphics, other forms will, and every one affects players in a number of distinct ways. As an instance, rain will decrease how well players can handle vehicles and visibility total, but it will mask disposition, whilst wind will lessen movement rate and the precision on long-lived shots, and it’ll influence the trajectory of atmosphere dropped crates.

While Fear the Wolves was supposed to input Steam Early Access last month, a closed beta didn’t go as easily as Vostok Games desired , so the date for its release has been pushed back. The game has several closed betas since then, and you are able to read this week’s changelog below.

The developers still plan on publishing Fear the Wolves on Steam Early Access this year for PC, and it’ll have a wide release for PC and consoles annually.

This Week’s Changelog:

  • Additional Advanced Graphics Options.
  • Additional more keybindings.
  • Added handbrakes into vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the player could be instantly killed once an anomaly spawned.
  • Additional an additional warning notification 90 minutes before adrenaline infections start.
  • Increased the period of the helicopter takes to prepare from 60 to 90 seconds.

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