Granblue Fantasy’s summer parties have been ongoing for a while, and among the game’s most welcome perks is the free daily premium-10 component gacha brings that Cygames will bundle with a few occasions.

The summertime event contained free attractions until tomorrow, but the developer made a decision to expand the bonus before August 23rd.

This means that players are going to be able to draw ten weapons and summons from infrequent to super-super-rare (using a single SR ensured ) for ten additional days. This ’s a very great chance to get something great without having to spend a dime, which is obviously welcome.

Sunshine!!  Crossover event is still going on, and it will be accessible until August 21st, devoting up to three SSR figures if you are able to grind the required treasure, and also one without the effort required.

More crossover events will also be coming down the line.  While the game is available only in Japan such as both iOS, Android, and PC through browsers, it is actually localized in English and playable globally. You can read the way to install it and play in hour useful manual .

We recently discovered the console game to get PS4 Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will get another show between December 15th and December 16th, when the developer will sponsor Cygames Fes in the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

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