PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Five years ago Now, Gone Home Premiered on PC from the then-fledgling indie developer The Fullbright Company. It required the gaming scene by storm, receiving excellent reviews from critics and also helping trailblaze the marginally divisive adventure game market of “walking simulators.

On August 23, Gone Home will be accessible on Nintendo’s console-handheld hybridvehicle. This isn’t even a rather graphically rough or technologically complex title, so the Nintendo Switch variant of the game is going to be on par with all the other versions. That said the Switch’s inherent reliability does help this version of Gone Home stand out. The game is quite short, and people will now have the ability to finish it during a trip or while on the way to do the job.

For all those of you who somehow haven’t learned about Gone Home, it follows a girl named Katie who returns home after being overseas, only to find no one’s residence. Players can continue to look into the house, discovering more about Katie’s family and what triggered her sister Samatha to leave. Gone Home is an early example of a walking simulator, and does it quite well in my view.

Below, it is possible to grab the Nintendo Switch statement trailer. Gone Home is currently available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One, whereas the Nintendo Switch will combine that lineup on August 23.

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