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Valve has officially added That the MP5 to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Selection of Guns in the Shape of the new and improved MP5-SD.

The MP5 is a small sub-machine gun with a high fire pace that has proven to be popular during the Counter-Strike series. The newly added SD version comes with an integrated silencer which makes it an even more formidable addition to your player’s toolbox. However, the speed and portability of this aggressive little weapon come with a cost; precision and harm suffer while on the go. Naturally, this is done in the name of equilibrium to ensure that the Mp5-SD doesn’t become an over-powered or over-used gun casually or on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s eSports circuit.

Acting as something of an alternative to the MP7, the MP5-SD is available now from the team-based shooter’s deathmatch and casual online servers. It can also be used offline.

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