After a month or two revealing essentially nothing of its upcoming cinematic action-adventure The Quiet Man, Square Enix surely looks prepared to show far more.

Today the publisher published a brand-new trailer titled “Silence Rings Loudest. ” The movie provides a look — albeit a quick one — into the narrative of the game and a number of its personalities.

The next video focuses on combat gameplay. We get to see Dane beating thugs since the focus meter (the lens on the right) develops before it may be employed to deliver some fairly barbarous finishers.

You can check out both videos under. If you want to see more regarding the game, it is possible to observe the first teaser trailer which was revealed during Square Enix’s display at E3 2018, and the initial gameplay screenshots that were released last week, and the first extended look at gameplay. You could even enjoy a few more clips revealing the Focus manner .

So much as Square Enix mentioned so much, it’ll be an electronic release only.

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