The event, titled “Midsummer Soft Massage” might be the second part of an two-part event which allows you unlock creams to affect both the bounciness and springiness of those women ’ backside. More to the point, the dedicated gacha provides a marginally greater chance to unlock Luna.

The featured outfits include washing towels for both Luna and Momiji, along with also the SSR chance is tripled in relation to the usual gacha. This usually means that you have a 3.33% chance of obtaining a SSR, and a 0.77percent opportunity to unlock Luna.

Another yearly Gacha comprises an overalls ensemble for Honoka (with the typical abysmal 1.1percent SSR opportunity ).

This is a paid-only gacha with the usual ridiculous 1.1% SSR chance. The only upside is that you get a chance in all the outfits released for Tamaki since her debut.

You may check out a few images and, and a trailer to get Tamaki’s birthday below.  If you wish to play the game on your own PC (it is only in Japanese but it’s rather simple to know ) it’s possible to discover how to in our handy guide.

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