PC, PS4, Xbox One

To celebrate the relaunching of Raiders of the Broken Planet as the newly titled Spacelords, developer MecurySteam has been creating videos detailing all the changes made to the game. The latest addition to the video series goes over the top ten adjustments made to this game, all of which I will summarize below:

Each of the campaigns will soon be available to perform at no cost.

  • MecurySteam has included 17 missions, 66 weapons, 17 playable characters and much more content that has evolved from the previous name.
  • A brand new progression system has been produced to get Spacelords which will give gamers the opportunity to access weapons, characters, missions, plus titles.
  • A assignment pick grid was established that enables players the opportunity to obtain rewards that are renewed every couple of hours as well as a new theater mode so players may see cutscenes whenever they’d like.
  • A crafting system has been implemented so that weapons can be forged and improved.
  • MercurySteam has enhanced the benefit system that’s based upon the player’s performance from the game.
  • Tutorial videos have been added to offer new players a chance to learn the game mechanics in addition to mentor matches which pairs new players with all veterans to guide them throughout the assignment. The specialists will get additional rewards.
  • The matchmaking system has been improved to be more efficient and will put gamers up from antagonists using a similar MMR.
  • Spacelords will allow cross-platform play. It wasn’t stated in the movie, but you can presume it will be between PC and Xbox One as well as PC and PS4.
  • The previous change was MercurySteam’s vision to offer all what Spacelords has to offer completely for free.
  • For more details of this title, make certain that you check out DualSockers’ interviews with director Enric ÁlvarezLead Designer Joan Amat, and Art Director Jorge Benedito. Spacelords has been intended to launch PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 23, 2018. Check out the movie below:

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