In the last few weeks, Valve has certainly kept occupied with quite a few new game jobs like Artifact and much more , however recently it seems that the corporation might also be turning an eye on loading.

In a report by Venture Beat (through SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik), particulars surfaced that Valve has recently registered the domain for “Steam TV,” that seems to indicate that Valve may be preparing to launch its own streaming platform.

The time of the streaming system ’s launch would certainly be no denying for Valve granted the closeness to The International, the company’s yearly Dota 2 championship that draws players (and hundreds of thousands of audiences ) from across the world to see the competition unfold.

With the burgeoning market for streaming platforms along with important opponents like YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and much moreimportantly, it’s unclear just how far Steam TV will expand so far as allowing players flow their games (and view the streams of other people ), although hopefully starting on the back of The International will result in a good prospect for Steam TV to thrive.

While specifics for the true platform are scarce right now, it must only be a matter of time until we learn more about the service to coincide with The International, so stay tuned for additional details as it comes up.

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