Sony Interactive Entertainment updated the official website of all Marvel’s Spider-Man with many new profiles for your game’s villains.

To start with, we get a few high profile renders of the game’so baddies, which you are able to enjoy from the gallery in the bottom of the post.

In addition to this , we get to read official profiles straight from Insomniac Games.

To the taxpayers of New York City he’s Martin Li, respected businessman, philanthropist, and founder of the acclaimed F.E.A.S.T. shelters. But to this underworld he’s known as Mister untoward, an upstart crime leader accountable for the gruesome Inner Demons and wielder of some dark energy he uses to destroy anything or anyone standing in his own way. Obsessed with exacting revenge from a high heeled new york official whom he believes is responsible for his corruptive skills, Mister Side is a driving force behind a barbarous master plan which may rot the Big Apple to its core.


Spider-Man has spent years seeking to incriminate him and finally does so — only to immediately learn that perhaps Fisk was correct when he said,”I’m the person who brought order for this city!”


Together with the ability to exploit and interrogate power, Max Dillon has a larger mission in mind: to evolve his own final shape by transforming himself into pure, living vitality. Enlisting the support of a black widow to assist him into his twisted quest, Electro has agreed to help dismantle one of the most powerful men in nyc.


Granted superhuman strength by unnaturally crafted skin, Aleksei Sytsevich would like to shed the protective coverings and thuggish standing as the Rhino, and he’s discovered a sinister someone who can help him do it. Needless to say, Rhino will need to cover this mastermind back once he’s been sprung in The Raft to wreak havoc on a powerful nyc magnate.


While he has been firmly behind bars at The Raft for the last few decades, the maniacal Mac Gargan was freed to reestablish his heated rivalry with Spider-Man. In exchange for its promise of a sterile offender record, the Scorpion is decided to strike down Spider-Man once and for all with his barbarous venomous stinger.


Today Adrian Toomes suffers from prostate cancer due to the power generated from his winged rig. An especially menacing villain has devised a strategy to conserve Adrian’s own life and free him in the Raft prison…in exchange for helping mend a vendetta from a city icon.


What’s the best way to rob a bank? Herman Schultz wants to surprise and awe, using a high-tech lawsuit with gauntlets that blast extreme jelqing waves to crush vaults and elude the police. Shocker has been a long-time Spider-Man nemesis, yet something more sinister has motivated Schultz this time around…

Inner Demons

Inner Demons are mysterious enemies readily identified by their fancy Chinese masks and more formal black attire. They operate under direction from Martin Li, aka Mister Negative. On event, Mister Negative will corrupt an Internal Demon or two through an elongated direct touch, providing himself even greater power.

You may check out all of the graphics below. If you want to find out more about the game, you also need to read my hands-on trailer  along with my opinions about the amazing flying mechanisms . We have comments from Creative Director Bryan Intihar about the Potential for a movie, Mary Jane, along with the Avengers.

You are able to also view the”launching” traileryet another focusing on the open globe , also have a peek at our movie showing the Marvel’s Spider-Man “hype train” that is now running in Manhattan.

The game launches on September 7th entirely for PS4. You can already pre-order it on Amazon.

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