PC, PS4, Xbox One

Base building will be a significant part of the Fallout 76 gameplay and it’s important for many players to know that a well placed Fat Man won’t wreck it and waste their time. A brand-new animated trailer for Fallout 76–unveiled at Microsoft’s Gamescom conference–details the process of restoring your foundation.

Rather than needing to start over from scratch, the game’s construction and construction cellular platform (or even C.A.M.P. for short) allows players to set their saved foundation wherever they want for some caps. This is vital because Bethesda has said in the past that players are going to have the ability to unlock the capability to nuke an whole area of the map. So when your neighborhood gets irradiated, you’ll be able to start someplace new.

Although the information presented in the trailer isn’t new, the cartoon is and provides that timeless Fallout comedy to the ideas of survival and capitalism. You may check it out in its entirety under.

In other Fallout news, Microsoft announced a brand fresh Xbox One packages for your game that you may check out .

Fallout 76 will launch on PC, Xbox One, also PS4 on November 14. The beta will launch on the Xbox One plus you are able to enter it by preordering the game through Amazon here.

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