People excited to see more of the latest characters of Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate can find a flavor of them through some official gameplay footage recorded by the development staff. Both of these new videos from Nintendo include full matches including King K. Rool, Dark Samus, along with Chrom, together with some brand new gameplay features.

The first video has K. Rool fight against veteran Smash Bros.. Personality Snake at Kongo Falls. Having a complete bonkers cover of Gangplank Galleon as background music, this hotly-anticipated personality appears to play just as Donkey Kong Country fans were awaiting.

Last, the next movie includes a team conflict between Metroid characters Dark Samus and Ridley, along with Fire Emblem characters Chrom and Lucina. Seasoned players will have the ability to spot subtle differences involving Dark Samus and Chrom and the personalities their movesets are based upon, Samus and Roy, respectively. The movie also demonstrates the new “Phase Morph” attribute, with the stage shifting between Arena Fenox and Brinstar.

Ultimate releases only on Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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