It is already 2018 at Japan, so Japan-based publisher CIRCLE Ent. Has shown  their teased January 1 Nintendo Switch announcement: strategy role-playing series Mercenaries Saga will be coming to the latest Nintendo platform. As a much superior announcement, the game is going to likely be  Mercenaries Saga Chronicles — most likely an anthology or even remaster of the first 3 games in the series.

News of this group’s launch game from developer CIRCLE Ent. ’s official Twitter account before today once the clocks struck midnight in Japan.

The announcement itself is light on details, however we do understand this is going to be the very first time which  Mercenaries Saga has been on a Nintendo platform. The series was developed by Japanese developer Rideon, and originally started as a Japanese-only cellular game that’s often described as a Final Fantasy Tactics spiritual successor. And while the first  Mercenaries Saga never watched a console or even Western launch, Mercenaries Saga 2 (published for Nintendo 3DS at 2015, and later on iOS along with Android) enhanced the gameplay and then adapted it for a more-traditional controller design.

Ultimately, Mercenaries Saga 3 started exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in late-2016. So not just can this be the first time all 3 games are about a Nintendo platform, but also the first time all three games will be available localized for the West.

Right now, there has been no show from CIRCLE Ent. About what we can expect price-wise for your game. Nonetheless, in the announcement it had been mentioned that the series could be coming into Nintendo Switch “very soon. ”

If You Would like an idea of what the gameplay for Mercenaries Saga looks like, you can check out the preview to the Nintendo 3DS variation below (though remember the graphical gap between Nintendo 3DS’s 240p resolution along with the up 1080p resolution for Nintendo Switch):

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