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On Monday, Treyarch officially ended the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta, and while you may disagree on whether or not it was entertaining, there’s not any denying that the programmer has done a fantastic job listening to your area, and implementing changes throughout weekends. Now, Treyarch is now a step further, because they’ve revealed some of the changes they’ll be making to the entire launch of the game as a result of the beta.

For starters, the Fog of War is set to be nerfed, at least slightly. While all players will nonetheless be able to find enemies facing them when they look, then you ’ll now need to set the Team Link perk if you would like to see enemies behind you.

Besides that, following a slew of complaints about spawn killing, the developer has made adjustments to the Tac-Deploy gear. Players will then be told from the kill-cam whether an enemy remains in the area.

Body Armor will also find some changes, as it’ll now be more prone to explosives and it will now marginally reduce damage on every shot, rather than simply protect against a single singular bullet from any other gun. Those who kill other people which are using body armor is now given 25 additional points.

Finally, a couple of miscellaneous, still important, attributes are also substituted: players will finally have the capacity to choose between the conventional cursor and d-pad controllers when navigating the menus and loadouts will now appear in kill-cams.

In other Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 news, a couple of days back Treyarch declared the start date for the Blackout betathat the game’s highly anticipated Battle poker style.

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