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To coincide with the beginning of Gamescom 2018, Capcom today unveiled a slew of new screenshots for the upcoming picture of Resident Evil 2.

These screenshots notably all feature Claire Redfield, who’s the second protagonist in the game besides that of Leon Kennedy. While all of the footage and images that we saw of Resident Evil 2 through its initial reveal at E3 2018 featured Leon, it appears that Capcom has selected Gamescom to begin showing off more of Claire.

The majority of these images show us Claire’s updated personality version, however we also get quite a few different looks at her in action against zombies. We also get you of our very first appearances at Sherry Birkin, a young girl that Claire finds in Raccoon City because she searches for her brother Chris.

Put simply Resident Evil 2 news, even if you just happen to be at Gamescom this week, then be sure to take a look at the game on your own. Capcom has previously announced that the game will be playable on the show floor, so do yourself a favor and be sure to play it if possible.

You can locate all the new Claire screenshots below.  Resident Evil 2 will be made to start early next year on January 25 for both Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Should you’d love to pre-order the game beforehand of that time, you’ll be able to head over to Amazon to do this right now.

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